Thursday, September 30, 2010

DEATH - A comedy.

So, a long time has past since I last posted anything, but I think it's time to have another go.

The last year has been hard and interesting - I finished my Masters Degree in screenwriting, so am now qualified in it, which is nice I suppose. It was one of those things, that I'm glad I did it, but if I had known what it was going to be like, then I wouldn't have done it...

Any way. I did it and I've got a bit of paper with me name on.

I've also made a whole load of short films,

Popping Round
The Actress who fell in love with herself
My Grandad says he's building a spaceship in his shed
The Lonely Road
and three others for various Drama students, as well as going to Turkey to be Director of photography on a weird spiritual Martial arts film.

Had a film at the Cannes film festival, one at Bornholm, two at Rushes, THREE at Raindance, one at Branchage(jersey) The Orgasm Raygun at the Erotic film festival in San Francisco, which sadly I couldn't afford to go to... Bugger. And a couple in the London short film festival in Jan to come, so I've been busy.

Also finished another screenplay - The Universe of Geoffrey Brown, whilst Deathtrap Dungeon, written with Ian Livingstone, is gently wandering round Hollywood as we speak (or write).

But, In other news...

The time has come to make my first feature film DEATH - A comedy. I'm going to shoot it in jan 2011. I've worked on thirteen feature films for other people, so i think it's time I directed one.

I've finished the script almost, but it's 165 pages log, so I need to whittle it down to 90 or so.

Am rehearsing actors and shooting promo in November on Location, and have secured the services of Paul Freeman and Leslie Phillips so far, and I haven't really started.

Also got most of the locations, A yellow Bi-plane and a few other things...

Looks like it's coming together!

Now to make a major sacrifice to the film gods - who are old and angry gods, and demand blood...

I shall try to blog this film making adventure...

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