Monday, April 21, 2008


Good evening,

So, I set up (I say I, but actually Esta did it and I watched), (I say 'Watched' but actually I mean -looked out of the window and ignored everything she said), hence the lengthy delay, so, Ahem!

So, I set up this blog months ago and then didnt put anything in, as I was kinda waiting for a good 'in' - you can't just start a series in the middle, but then yesterday I got my 'in', so here it is...

I'm currently commuting to Liverpool everyweek, to work as a Director on Hollyoaks the TV show.

So, I was on the train, having skived my way into first class, which is a story all of its own, but not actually that good a story, so I can't be bothered, and I got a text - I directed a whole load of stuff for the Spooks Interactive website and it won a BAFTA!

Flippin heck, There's me stunned at the sheer incredulousness of it all. My best films get ignored and some internet work I did gets a BAFTA, still it does mean I can now write on my CV - Officially not shit! which is nice.

But there was no one to tell on the tgrain, as we sped through the dark countryside (I say 'sped' but trundle would have done...) My parents are on holiday outside Europe for the first tie in 25 years, and it was quite late so I didnt want to call anyone, so i told the man sitting opposite me, who bought me a drink and turned out to be... a film finacier.

Oh the fickle twists of fate.

A bizarre day indeed. That was yesterday of course, and now today, back at the 'oaks, had my production meeting as start shooting on wednesday, everythings cool.

Will fill you all in on the delights of Directing on the 'oaks soon, stand by studio!

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