Sunday, May 11, 2008

sultry evenings...

So back in Liverpool after a brief sojourn to Gooch HQ HQ. (AKA Mum n Dads).

Last few weeks solid Hollyoaks shooting. It's been good, lots of nice scenes, with some of the er, ahem, more better actors... (no names mentioned). I'm only glad I'm not working with **** who seems a right ***, they even **** to the ***, *** times!!

I know, shocking.

The plot line has a lot of stuff in hospital so its been a lot like filming ER for the last 3 days, only with a lot smaller budget, and set. and less steady-cam.

Actually I did use a bit of steady cam. but only cause I know the operators get paid more, and I felt he could do with a few quid.

This week we film the death of a major character, so that's all quite exciting, especially as we have already filmed the aftermath and everything is a bit back to front! Filming can be a tad confusing at times...

Noticed one of my lovely actresses on the cover of NUTS magazine at the petrol station, I now see her in a new light.

Funny writing this blog, I mean I know NO ONE reads it, so its a bit diary I suppose... Thought I might try to films some comedy sketches in early June, but have encountered a massive level of apathy from my so called creative chums, who tell me they are full of ideas... maybe I'll just stick to the A plan and shoot my feature in the summer.

Now that does sound like a plan.

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