Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Knee's up mother brown....

So, I've not blogged for a while, but I have a reasonable excuse, had a bi-lateral arthroscopy on both knees - Ouch! so been to Hospital and got 5 holes in my kness and some bandages.

Why 5 holes when i only have 2 knees- I don't know, but that is wot I got!

Surgeon says he knows a man who wants to buy my shoes... Thank you, I'm here all week etc...

They seem to be OK, hurt a lot, still on pain killers and I had it done a week ago, going to see the nurse today to change the dressing.

I was slightly concerned cause the surgeon naver came to see me, even thought I asked, just sent some flunky who didnt know what operation I had had done! But that is the NHS, it's free, but not very good. Like going to the £1 shop...

Gone to stay with my mum and dad for at least a week, cause I can mostly stay on the ground floor and the temptaion to get on a bus and go somewhere is gone.Food is good here too!
I know this has got nothing to do with films and film making, but it's important to me - they are my knees, so I'm going to blog it.

Normal, (ish) service will resume soon.

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