Sunday, June 29, 2008

TV Credits

So, tomorrow is another day of note as far as I'm concrened. I know in the history of Tv and things of that nature it isnt very important at all, but for me having a week of TV directed by me is a very good thing.

So there is Hollyoaks on everyday this week, twice a day and then 5 times on sunday, so 15 times in one week!

Not bad credit rating for a week. almost 8 hours of broadcast TV travelling through the air and onto people TV screens directed by me.

So I'm happy with that.

Just need some more now...

have been in darkest Somerset for over a week now and am getting a little bit cabin fevered, so going to head back to london in a day or two.

And start the great, and never ending, search for work once more...

Oh To be freelance!

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