Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who'd you like to meet, eh?

So, just a quickie (as I once begged an actress) as it is late and I am tired.

So, I was in the Pub last night with an old chum and his ex (no-names to avoid embarrassement) and someone said - if you could meet anyone at all alive today - who would you meet?

And the Ex said without barely a pause for thought: Ben Affleck.

I almost spat my whole pint out.

Ben F****** Affleck?

The Ex was not impressed by my derision, and when I challenged her as to why she chose him, she said: he's Cute.

So, when faced with the opportunity of meeting any of the great (ha!) leaders of our time, artists, sportsmen and women, travellers, scientists, celebrity chefs, she chose a (lets face it) 2nd rate actor...

I don't wish to be a snob, but oh dear me.

any hoo. I just thought that was worthy of note, we must all remember how lots of peoples brains work.

And the Ex works in high finance, so no wonder the world is falling down all around.

Nothing good can come of a planet where peoples idols are Ben Affleck.

Personally I'd like to meet [CENSORED ON LEGAL REASONS]

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Sprinkles of hundreds and thousands said...

You have a point but one suspects that it might have been equally mundane if she had said Boadicea, Einstien or Virgina Woolf. At least she was honest...