Friday, August 22, 2008

Time our greatest foe...

So a month has past, thats an earth month, not a Martian month, or even a Jovian month, however long they may be. I mean what with all the heavy gravity, it'd be pretty pointless having a colony there, so don't really need to have a calendar system there, ad there won't be anyone.

I supose you could have an orbiting base, but then you might as well just use the earth calendar, as you would be experiencing sun rise and set.

Hmm. Worth a thought.

Anyhoo. A month has passed and very little to report - hence lack of postage.

Been teaching film making for Raindance which was pretty successful. Its amazing how easy everything is with all the digital technology these days, not like when i started out. Oh no.

Kids these days etc.. don't know their born. tum ti tum.

Been asked to write another feature film, this will be my 9th. But once more unpaid until it is finished. rather tedious that I didnt get asked three months ago when I had the operation on my knees!

Went to a meeting the other day and the producer didnt turn up and then didnt contact me for two days, and didnt say he was sorry.

Why do people think they can behave like this! Well obviously they can and they do!

In the mean time been working on the showreel, which might actually one day be finished...

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