Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a rare update

So, it's been a slooooow start to the year, but it has given me lots (and lots) of time to work on my Feature Film script for my Screenwriting Masters which I finish in December! 2/3rd's down and 1/3rd to go!

But the stop press news is that Raindance TV now have almost all my back catalogue of short films on the web:

Please check out -

Which will keep you entertained from between 5 seconds and and hour depending on your attention span - and wheteher you like this sort of stuff - but if you are reading this I'll wager you do like this sort of stuff...

In other news, I shot a new short film with barry Cryer or Comedy fame, in Feb with a superb crew - Rod 'The Vicar' marley on Dop'ing and Roger Tooley on Camera with Jonny Hansler on bass...

It's a good old larf and should be finished in a month or so.

In a dramatic departure to what I usually make - I made a short film which is dead miserable and depressing and all very grown up and serious, which is almost finished, and will hopefully prove to people I can direct this sort of stuff as well as 'silly school boy' stuff.

It's called Irreparable and won't be in a cinema near you soon...

and now back to your usual program.

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Emma said...

Congratulations Martin, great to see your stuff up on Raindance.