Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye to all that...

So, It's new years eve... again!

This blogging larks a tricky business. Everytime I write something someone tells me off - it's too negative - it's too boring (!) - It's ebarrassing - It's poorly spellled (!) - ad infinatum...

So, I've been trying to write something which doesnt offend anyone, isnt boring, prrperwly spelt, positive and amusing.

Which is why I havent written anything since October...

But its the end of the year so like every other f*cker out there I'm going to write my review of the year.


A truly odd year. I imagine very few people this time last year could of imagined the sheer and utter cock up of managing the world that the banks have, well, managed.

I've got a few chums in business (well I say chums - I just talk to them in the hope they might drop somemoney or something), and talking to them you really realise what a deep deep mess we is in.

It's taken a long time - hundered of years but basically all the rich people have stolen all the worlds money. It's all in their bank accounts and no one can get it.

But none of that realy kicked off till the summer. What summer????

No sun!

I sat out on my roof terrace everyday for June/july/aug and september and I didnt (to the relief of my neighbours) take my shirt off once for fear of hyperethermia.

Still it did mean I got lots of writing done. Another year another script - this time an adaption of the fighting fantasy gamebook- DeathtrapDungeon with the blessing of the writer Ian Livingstone. Maybe something will come of this but it was six months time well spent. I enjoyed writing it more than anything i've pretty much ever wroted.

Another block of Hollyoaks and the death of Max. That was great fun to do and an interesting time in the hollyoaks story. Hope to do more next year (?)

Directed six short films for East 15 including two half hour films, which was interesting. Was fun to work with so many new actors - some immensly talented and some... er... not as immensly talented.

Made three 1 minute films one achieved nothing, another people keep telling me is the best thing wot I've done, and the third won me the Movie Mogul competition 2008 - the bounty of which I have yet to see but it could and I hope, lead on to some interesting events in 2009.

But you know me - lets not get excited. The pessamist is never disappointed.

I Invented the Raindance short film project - which has so far made six short films, used 12 young actors, and taugh 30+ people the delights of film making. (There are delights?)

I completed a year of my Screenwriting Masters.

Entered and got rejected from the National Portrait competition and the Photographic Portrait thingie. (I think that's a comment on my artistic career...)

Had a film screening at the Curzon Soho with over 100 people in attendance and an hour of Gooch created movies. This is hopefully (is that the right word?) the last short film screening I'm going to do. They are expensive - a pig to organise and achieve nothing, except a nice booze up for everyone else.

Raindance TV want to take my entire back catalouge of shorts to put on the telly (internet telly, not telly telly) which is good - but I fear this isnt going to break montecarlo.

Got a new passport with a very sensible photo in it - but didn't leave the country - I didn't even go to Wales! First time I haven't left the nation for 21 Earth years - This will have to be rectified.

Got a new (my first!) Agent! Very exciting moment indeed - hoping this will bear fruit soon, as many seeds have now been planted.

Had five holes drilled in my knees - a general anesthetic and months of phsio, which wasn't my favourite event of the year. But hopefully a thing I won't have to do again. Though UCLH is an excellent hospital and I will be fighting the corner for the NHS for a long time to come.

Shot the Pricillars new Pop Video - All the way to Holloway.

Saw the Damned 4 times... The stranglers, James, Siouxsie, Heavens Basement (?),The Zennors... and lots of others I can't even name... (or remember).

Met Tharg - Alien editor of 2000AD.

Top that.


Things to look forward to in 2009!

A feature film?

Yet another short... (maybe only 5 this year). (Im not putting a question mark as this is pretty much a dead cert).

The rest of my masters? Another feature film script?

A new computer without a sticky space bar?

Some serious trips overseas?

About a half dozen weddings to attend?

Who knows what the future will bring?

But then, thats half the fun isn'tit?

Yesterday - Chaos.

Today - Chaos.

Tomorrow - Chaos?

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