Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No more Pink Floyd

So, my brother gave me a music magazine to read the other day, as Queen (or what they have now become, like Frankensteins monster they have risen from the dead with a new head on top) have a new albumn out.

I was a big fan when I was a kid, so this is still an event, I remember running off to Our Price records to buy the I want it all 12" single and fighting with my friend hayes as they only had one copy left... (I won).

Anyhow, what was more interesting in this magazine was an interview with David Gilmore, Axeman with the Floyd.

At the end of the article he said - no I ain't gunna play with the Floyd no more. (words to that effect)

So that was a bit sad, and then I went to sleep and in the morning I woke to find that poor old Richard Wright, Keyboard player has only gone and died.

Terribly sad.

I think that puts the end to the Floyd re-union I was hoping for then.

I feel very lucky to have seen Floyd at live 8 in 2005, which was incredibly good. I also saw them at Earls Court in about 1994, which was amazing, and in knebworth in about 1989, then went off to see Roger Waters do The Wall at THE WALL in East germany.

That was amazing 200,000 people, the biggest gig in the world at the time.

I still have dust in my turn-ups from Potsdammenplatz, where we were standing in all the fox holes, where they had blown up the land mines, leaving huge craters, so everyone had to stand on the rim, so they could see anything!

Waters managed to get in a helicopter at one point and flew off over the Wall, but we didnt know it was him, as we were all looking at the WALL - the biggest stage ever constructed apparently.

The amount of hours I spent as a kid, and still sometimes now, listening to the music and actually being somewhere else at the same time, must run in to hundreds or thousands.

I think Pink Floyd were the band that made me think, music is something that I shouldn't do, as I'm crap at it and I should concentrate on the visuals - film making and the like.

Better use of time for me I think, and as we have been once again reminded, we only have a limited amount of the stuff.

So Richard. Thank you for the music.

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