Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OMD at the Roundhouse

So, I went to see OMD at the Roundhouse this evening, observant readers might have been able to deduce this from the title line.

I actually went with a friend, who was really late as she went to the wrong theatre (the forum in kentish town...) and whilst i was waiting for her I actually bumped in to the gilr Im secretly in love with (so secret - no one knows this at all).

But then just as I was chatting to secret love girl, my date turn up so I had to rush off and be polite.

Ahyhoo, the gig was brilliant. Seldom do I see gigs where there is so much emotion in the air.

Rock gigs rock, but I don't always feel stirrings in my heart. But when the OMD boys did Joan of arc the audience applauded more than they did at the end of the gig, it was truely a magic gig moment, if we hadnt have been standing already - we would have been standing.

There was a lot of audience participation, gone the feeling of awkwardness and stupidity, that sometime you can feel when trying to clap along to a pop tune.

But then looking around I was one of the young ones (36), the band themselves must all be mid to late 40's, which is no bad thing, but at several points I really was a teenager again and there was a bit of sentiment in my eye at several points.

A truly great gig.

Its in my top ten of all time...

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