Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm probably not even really allowed to talk about this but I will any-way safe in the knowledge that no one is actually reading any of this rubbish.

So. A few days one of our actresses was diagnosed with ring-worm which isn't acxtually anything to do with worms, its a fungal infection that leave strange ring shapes on the skin and itches. She got it from her pet cats.

and as actors are always MWHA MWHA'ing each other all the time - it quickly spread to one of the other actreses and now another, and I can't look at them with out itching...

We were suposed to have an intimate scene between a new mother and her new born baby, but we couldnt have the newborn on set due to the risk of infection of ring-worm.

so I had to shoot the baby scene without the baby. We even had the producer down on set to make a descision, but all she did was say get on with it...

Well, I supose that is a decision really... well done her!

The other Units are referring to my unit as the 'fellowship of the ring-worm'.

Of all the things that I ever thought would hamper my shooting, I never thought that fungal infection would be one of them...

Cannes film festival starts this week, but I won't be there as I have a decent enuf excuse that I am Directing for money, so Im happy with that.

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