Thursday, May 29, 2008

Propper PSB's

So, finished my latest block of episodes on Hollyoaks and showed them to the big chief yesterday, I was amazed that he watched all 5 but didnt really comment on anything, other than - not enough extras - too many extras and he didnt like the music.

But on the whole all good, it would have been nice if the big chief had said 'oooh thats a nice shot' at least once, but then I don't think he's looking at that, I'll have to wait until I get out of the world of soap (ooops - 'ongoing-drama') until I get that sort of comment I think.

Obviously as predicted, I now have post shoot blues, so went into town (liverpool) today to potter about, and ended up in the cinema watchin The new Indiana Jones movie, which is pretty good, though it has a lot of unrelated sequences which I dont really see the point of, that is not to say they arn't good, just not needed.

Good film, but still no Raiders.

Tomorrow Max and OBs leaving do Piss up, which I hope will be fun...

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