Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Post shoot blues

so, another shoot complete. I know amazvingly finished shooting yesterday. I actually hate the end of the shoot, cause you, the director don't want it to end, cause this is your calling, what you were put on earth to do, and now its finishing.

But the crew. 90% of them just want to be in the pub watching the footy.

so its kind of a battle to get crew top work to a high standard until the very last minute before the final WRAP.

And I should know cause I was crew on 200TV programs and 13 Features, I onlt realised it was so many when I was trying to update my CV, I must have been bored!

Back in the edit, which is like coming down the mountain once it has been scaled.

what next?

Maybe shoot some of my own stuff again, and finish of a short or two.

and then probably get booked for three things at once and choose the wrong one, later on in the year.

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