Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Noise noise noise

so, in the words of The Damned, noise, noise, noise. yes lots of Noise's Off today. I can even remember the amount of times I had to re-take stuff cause of noise on the other sets. We had four film units working within hearing noise of each other, if we farted the other crew would pick it up, so we had great difficulty getting out stuff clean,especially with one unit shooting the death of *** outside our window, with crane and steady-cam.

Whilst we had intimate chat scenes inside.

Good days work though. and then upon wrap I drove to stockport south Manchester to see `my editor, who is working on my latest short - The Lift - all about 4 people who get stuk, unsurprisingly - in a lift.

Im happy with it, it should be finished v. soon. then wot?

Dunno guv.

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